Makeup I’m using this month

Since this is my first post in this section, and I have way too much in my makeup bag to showcase in one post, I thought I would show you all what I am currently using this month.

Number 1 thing Im using this month (and always) is La Roche-Pasay SPF 50+ Anthelios XL. RRP 20 Euro. I use this in place of moisturiser as using spf prevents 40% of all facial aging.This is a great one for those who are alergic to suncreams but want a full UVA (the aging rays) and UVB (burning ones) protection thats not too heavy/greasy and is perfume and paraben free.The only drawback is that it works a little too well in the preventing ageing department. I’ve used SPF daily since I was 19 and even though I’ve just turned 23, Im still having trouble convincing bouncers that Im not underage.

2.YSL Perfect Touch Radiance. On the more expensive end of the foundation spectrum at around 46 Euro, but worth every penny! It covers up all signs of fatigue and gives a radiant glow that fools everyone into thinking you’ve been spending youre weekends at a spa rather that out on the tiles. The finish is dewy and radiant delivering what YSL call a ‘baby skin complex’. The colur range is also great and no 6 was a perfect blend for my skintone. Doesnt give the ‘caked’ look or feel of other medium-full coverage foundations and stays put all day. Whats not to love?

3 Shu Uemura eyelash curlers. An essential found in every top makeup artists kit and in every model and A listersdessert island beauty list.The Jananese cult product straightens out even the most stubornly straightlashes suits every eye shape and delivers a curl that is soft sexy and nothing like the, 90 degree angle, ‘cought youre lashes in a doorjam’ look of so many other curlers.

Mac mineralise pressed powder foundation. Great for those of you who want a light -medium coverage look for day that delivers a subtle glow. Using this gives that, ‘youre skin but better look’. Great for young skins and acne ecema skin as its pure mineral pigment so it wont iritate the skin. I also use this as a fixing powder and it gives a beautyful matte glowing finish.

5. Lancome hypnose Doll Eyes. A new take on the classic Hypnose cult product. Two coats of this stuff and you have length, curl and volume like never before. It almost tends toward a falce lash look, its so good. It also smells lovely which is a rare feature in a mascara- but one I like.

6. MAC foundation brush. A constant makeup bag companion! delivers a superior makeup artist finish than to just using youre fingers and uses less foundation. Holds its shape and never sheds as some of the more expensive products do.

7. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. How did I get by without this? Another cult product perminantly featuring in Alist top ten essentials and and every makeup artists kit. Cures every minor skin complaint from dry flaky skin to sunburn. I mostly just use it on my lips though, when they get super chapped during the winter and I need instant relief.

8. Benefit Big Beautyful Eyes, another idiot proof addition from Benefit that I’ve come back to . Even a clumsy fool like me can use it! It provides a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect contoured eye in a great suites everyone shade of brown with an additional boi-ing conceler for undereye concealing.

9. MAC blush in ‘well dressed’ a great powder blusher perfect for oily-combination skins. Gives that youthful healthy natural flush that we all crave. I used this with YSL foundation when I was suffering from infuenza and but had to drag myself in for a collage exam – No one could believe that I was sick like they were as I was ‘just way too healthy looking’. I call that a success.

10.  YSL Poudre Compacte Radiance. This is a matte and radiant pressed powder. Huh? Yes, this is possible. It delivers a velvet soft finish, totaly mattifying even the oiliest of skins without looking cakey, and has an undelying ‘lit from within glow’. I only have to apply this once in the morning and in matte for the whole day which is a huge ask for an oily skin type.

11. MAC blusher brush. Which I mostly use as a powder brush since I left my actual powder brush (Ilamasque if anyones interested) behind me on the bus. So until payday (never) Im using this baby. It works just as well as a powder brush albit being a little thicker in the bristle department, its super soft and doesnt shed even after two years of daily use.

12. Loreal Studio Secrets Professional. I wonder is this really a professional product or whether thats just a marketing thing Loreal are putting out there? Either way this is a great medium quality smoothing resurfacing primer, covers all my open pores, mattifys and keeps makeup in place. Its grand, I’ll use it till its finished…and it has lasted nearly two months for such a small thing…but then I’ll move on to another and probably wont use it again.

13. Gosh Click N Conceal. I hate the name, as it sounds a bit generic to me,like a dishwasher tablet or something, but Gosh came very highly recomended to me so I gave their pen a go, and wow! Im a die-hard Toute Eclait gal, but this stuff is very much a contender to it! It hides imperfections and under eye circles by reflecting light away and blends without feathering. Who’d have thought?


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