Here’s a sneak hint at what I’ve bought for AW 12 from the high street. I’m dying to wear it all, but its just not cold enough yet. So I’ll wait til its colder to show you how im wearing AW’s highstreet trends. In fact I was out on Sunday night at the cinema still wearing my summer clothes and found myself hoping they had air conditioning, it was that hot. It’s a sunny 16 degrees in Dublin today, so its definitely too soon to start rocking a snood yet….ooops, said too much 😉

Its that awkward transition stage between seasons when you find yourself looking at all the AW stuff in magazine’s and in the shops, clearly meant for colder weather down the line, and wishing for there to be wintery weather outside. But knowing that Ireland always does this weird thing of being overcast for most of June, July and August but then decides to be gloriously sunny the second you’re back in school/collage in September.

You’re also cautious of looking like an eijit dressed like a snowman when the temperature is still n double digits, even though the calendar says its winter.

So guys, you won’t see any AW outfit posts on this for another while yet, but I will be updating you all on the AW 12 shows and showing you who what and where the high street got its inspiration, and how these trends filtered and fused into what you and I are lusting after this season when we hit the shops.

Until then…


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