Review of Tom Fords White Patchouli

Review of Tom Fords White Patchouli

Reader beware! This is one sexy scent! Very classy, very Tom Ford! That being said, I couldn’t smell all that much patchouli from it. It was mostly a strong but not overpowering sensual woody bergamot that softened to an eastern incense scent, and leaves an alluring ribbon of scent in wake of the wearer.

The blurb given by Tom Ford states that “With its sensuous core of Patchouli, TOM FORD WHITE PATCHOULI perfectly captures the myth of a generation. Surrounded by sleek wood notes, tempered by elegant white flowers, this modern fragrance with retro-classic influences is a sophisticated interpretation of bohemian chic.”

Yeh, kinda… What I got from wearing this fragrance was that It was like taking a trip back in time to the roaring 20’s, great Gatsby style. It puts you in mind of an alluring woman with a classy smouldering sensuality, sidelong glances across a crowded room, the anticipation of an alluring exchange.

Unsurprisingly it’s the most expensive of the perfumes I have tried to date, retailing at 130 Euro for 100ml and 100 Euro for 60ml…yikes! So you would really want to get a sample size and test it out before you invest. If it is you, then the duty free in Heathrow sells then for £80, which is where I got this one.


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