Visually speaking, the best shows of AW12

So far I have seen thousands of shows where the clothes have wowed me (more posts on this later) but most of the shows themselves were a little flat visually. The idea being that you focus on the beautiful clothes. The kind of show Anna Wintour wears her signature massive shades to so she can nod off if she doesn’t like what’s on offer.

However there were three that really caught me. The kind that drew you directly into the design concept, that transports you into the beautiful looking glass world of fashion. The fashion fairytale.

Unsurprisingly they are all by the super high end designers as these are the only ones who could afford to stage their creations in this way.
Louis Vuitton AW 12 show transports you to the romance and opulence of travel. Driving a fully operating train onto the stage and unloading each of the models who then walk the runway followed by a tiny uniformed porter carrying her luggage. It put me in mind of the opulent sub zero temperature world of the Russian aristocracy brought to life by director Joe Wrights 2012 film Anna Karenina based on the Leo Tolstoy novel. It might also resonate with those of you who were Harry Potter fans.

Here’s a behind the scenes clip of the making of the show voiced by the king of drama and luxury himself, designer Marc Jacobs who created this beauty.

Next was Alexander McQueen this show is very much fashion through the looking glass which is very much the signature of this design house. This show leads you into a surreal world of dark beauty a fashion fantasy. Gaga in her early career (when she was still had style) would go gaga for this collection.

Last is Chanel. This house is known for its exceptional show’s reportedly costing in excess of one million to stage. ‘Stage’ really is the key word with Chanel shows isn’t it?

They offer a performance, like a silent, eleven minute play. This offering takes us to a giant crystal and pearl winter tundra, occupied by crystal browed beauties. For a Chanel show it’s actually more sedate than usual. The last two years saw a giant iceberg brought from Sweden and giant bubble pearls and Florence Welsh appearing from a shell like the birth of Venus by Botticelli. Sucks when Karl Lagerfeld spoils you doesnt it?


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