Review of Shu Uemura Balancing cleansing oil

When I bought this I had been jonesing for a good makeup remover for a while. Wipes just don’t seem to cut the mustard for me when it comes to eye makeup and I really don’t want to be scrubbing away at my eye area doing a 3am battle with waterproof mascara after a night on the tiles.

Now I usually research everything I buy, and all the blogs seemed to be recommending Shu Uemura balancing cleansing oil. And frankly I had stars in my eyes knowing they were coming to Dublin because I had been lusting after their eyelash curler since the dawn of time but there was no-one stocking SU in Ireland til last year.

So down I went to BT’s, handed over 55 euro and left with the big 450ml bottle, be grand sure, isn’t everyone on the internet saying its great, and its Japanese, they’re great for skincare, this’ll be great…….no it was’nt!

The blurb said to use three pumps rub it on the face with your hands splash some water on and it’ll turn into a milk and remove all makeup. Simple enough no? The second I try’d it the pump shot the oil straight at me, so this is clearly one to pump slowly with my hand right against the pump I said to myself. The three pumps was obviously way too much as it was dripping off my hands before I got it too my face. When it was on my face it did take off all the makeup in seconds, so much so that my mascara actually came off in lumps rather than dissolve into liquid, but it was the most gross suffocating feeling on my skin. Like rubbing oily mud on my face because of the stuff being all over my hands.

I washed it off with water and yes, It did turn into a light milk and took every scrap of makeup down the plughole, but It brought half my skin with it! My eye area was so red and itchy and the rest of my face was tight and dry- quite an achievement given I have an oily skin type!

Ah, but this’ll go away I said, I’m just getting used to it I said. No its just a bad product everyone else said! But I didnt listen and kept using for another week or too until I just could’nt ignore the increasing dryness and irritation it was causing.

This is such a shame because I had such high hopes for this! I really wanted to like it, but it just didnt live up to the hype, or to luxury brand standards. So this baby’s chilling unused in a basket in my room, where it can never sting me again.

It does have some good points. You don’t need to use a muslin cloth of cotton buds like other cleansers and there’s no need to tone or moisturise after. It also rinses clean without any residue and removes every scrap of makeup. So if it weren’t for the skin irritation and mankyness of application this product could have gotten a good review from me….there I go again with wanting to like it!

Until next time …


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