Argan oils Review: Moroccan Oil Light, Lee Stafford Argan Oil, Tresemme liquid gold Argan oil

Argan Oils are having a moment in the beauty world, and all the cosmetic companies seem to be jumping on the bandwagon. Argan oil in itself isn’t all that miraculous though – yeh yeh, its moisturising and has vitamin E- but in itself, it’s not allot better than olive oil. What makes the products above shine (and you’re hair) is the magic ingredient silicone. They are the main ingredient in the above and they are what delivers that sleek smooth look and eliminate frizz by filling in the cracks in the hair shafts. The Argan oil is kind of the “also starring” ingredient that delivers the long term dryness treatment that lasts after you wash your hair…kind of. Usually it’s the fifth ingredient listed, after all those long ones ending in “cone” which means they are a type of silicone.

Moroccan Oil Light:
My favourite, and a cult classic! I use the light version as my hair is blond and fine (but I have allot of it) so the original is too heavy for me. This baby’s great! Sleeking smoothing and restoring the health of my dried out over processed hair – a modern day miracle! The most expensive in this list at 30 euro for 100ml but worth it because it last forever and delivers great results. It’s not so much the Argan oil as the name suggests that does the job though, it’s the silicones, but do I care? My hair type loves silicones drinking them right up giving me the hair I was born to have! Smells great to!
Only drawback to this is the bottle is a little awkward! You only need maybe three drops of the stuff but the bottle has this big open head like a bottle of cough medicine, so it’s kind of hard to get just a little out without dribbling it down the side so I went back and bought the pump they recommended.

Lee Stafford Argan oil from Morocco:
This baby is the mid range option, at 17:50 euro for 50ml. This baby reflects its price – middle of the road. I have no complaints as such, it did what it said on the tin, it made my hair shine, tamed frizz, smoothed, it smelled nice…but I was just underwhelmed by this. It did all the above, but just not especially well, or to any degree worth bragging about. It’s not quite the nourishing miracle oil it says it is. Using this product is a bit like kissing a guy and there’s just no spark.

Tresemme liquid gold Argan oil infused perfecting oil treatment:
You see, everyone is jumping on the Argan oil bandwagon even cosmetic giants like Tresemme! More of a blow drying oil than a treatment really. Lighter than a serum thicker than an oil there has been alot of hype surrounding its release. And I must say, for 6 euro its great! Compared to its competitors in this price range, it’s a superior product. Made my hair sleek and shiny, eliminated frizz , didn’t weigh down my hair or make it greasy. Now, I don’t see this becoming a cult drug store product or anything, but its great for what it is.


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