Winters here! Banish those chapped lips for good! Review of Creme de la mer the lip balm; Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream; and the body shop lip scuff.

Its only the first week in October, but already I’m suffering winter side effects! Between the strong winds, central heating and that damp manky chill in the air, my lips are in pieces! I could slather on the usual carmex/vaseline/chapstick, but unfortunately they don’t work. Vaseline is just a temporary solution that actually dries lips out more in the long term and causes more peeling, by breaking down skin cells, which is why it can be good for eczema . So if you start to use drug store products now you’ll be stuck using them the rest of the year and no one wants that kind of vicious circle.
So here’s my guide to the products that will actually do some good for you’re lips this winter and have them totally kissable.

Creme de la mere the lip balm 58 euro

Gasp! What!? 58 squids for a lip balm?? Have I gone mad?! No, cos lucky for me this was a gift. But once you get over the shock it’s defiantly worth its price tag. The product blurb says that it “ works on contact with the skin and that its patented lip lipid complex delivers exceptional moisture and helps to prevent further damage”.

Normally I scoff at these things, but this actually delivered for me! I slathered it on before bed and it gave instant relief from dryness and tightness with a gentle cooling sensation, and when I woke up in the morning my lips were healed! It was like a flippin miracle!

This is because it goes beyond just moisturising. It has the same mineral broth that the main line moisturiser does and the same marine extracts (which is why they have a swanky curved fish tank as part of their counter) and all of this goes towards strengthening the cell membranes in the lips so they don’t lose as much moisture in future- the ‘preventing future damage’ part.

So I was in the clear for about a month when it came to dry lips. I only had to use it three times over the winter months and I was freed from having to constantly re-apply lip balm during the day. Still have loads of it left to.

Only drawback is that for the price it’s a bit on the small side. It’s very wide but it’s also not very deep so if you’re missing a rich admirer to buy it for you, initially you might be put off by its weenyness.

Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream 22 euro

Another wonder balm! This stuff works miracles on all forms of dryness and irritation in, you guessed it, eight hours. I bought the 100th anniversary edition over in the states last year which came in this little tin and I still haven’t gotten through it all.

Very thick and intensively moisturising this worked almost as well as the crème de la mere. Instantly soothes even the most severe tightness and dryness and I’d say within three days I was cured of dry lips! Ultra long wearing this stuff doesn’t seem to ‘soak into the skin’ and make it thirsty like a drug store product. It sits on top providing a barrier and doing its job beneath the surface .

Also the great thing about this product is it’s a great multi-tasker. You can use it on almost anything from cuticles to dry hands to nappy rash.

Drawbacks are that it melts very easily so if you bought the lipstick bullet style one and kept it in you’re pocket (like I did when I had to wear a school uniform) it would melt in the tube and then cause a total mess when you try twist it up and so you’d just end up using your fingers to apply it anyway . Also I’ve never gotten the full eight hours out of it, even when I apply it at night, because it just rubs off on my pillow or I eat something.

Body shop lip scuff 11 euro

This is a great little invention for impatient people like me who just want their lips smooth now. This little exfoliater contains a plum stone mixed with a decent enough moisturising complex to scuff of those dry flakes to leave you’re lips smooth and ready to receive a lip balm. All you do is slick it on like lipstick, rub you’re lips together and then take it off with a damp cotton bud.
Helps speed up recovery from dry lips, not too expensive and not tested on animals. What more can a girl ask for?


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