Baroque and Roll

The baroque trend is one of the hottest trends at the moment. The AW 12 baroque trend was seen at Stella Mccartney , Guy Laroche, Lanvin and Balmain. But the best show that showcased this trend was Dolce and Gabbana. The design duo Dolce and Gabbana known for their opulent, sumptuous, sexuality of design don’t do anything by halves, so this show was quite a sight to behold! The inspiration for their stunning show drew from the 17th century Baroque period.

This period was all about exaggerated motion and clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur in sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, dance, and music. The style started around 1600 in Rome and spread to most of Europe. So it’s no surprise the Italian design duo drew from this as their inspiration.

The show is one of my favorites visually, as well as fashionably. They really captured the mood of the Italian Baroque period. Welcoming us into AW12 with Gigantic chandeliers over the runway bedecked with rose garlands. Echoed in the chandelier earrings of the models who were decked out like 19th century noble woman in ornate hairbands, swept back hair, trophy rose garland chandelier earrings, lots of black capes, black knickerbocker shorts, floral playsuits, high collars, lace and more gold than Usain bolt!.

This show was a visual feast for sophisticates and girlie types alike. I can see allot of gossip-girl types loving this collection.
Balmain did the baroque needlepoint floral thing as well but in a more rock and roll kind of way. Their needlepoint jumper( middle of the collage) worn with a blue shirt and black tailored trousers was pure baroque and roll and will no doubt spawn hundreds of high street inspirations. I can see this take on the trend being worn by the more sophisticated rock chic types than on girlie types.( I think I saw K-Stew in this exact ensemble, but I think she’s a moany looking gimp, with limp hair, so I probably deleted that from most of my memory.) There were plenty of Balmain’s signature trophy jackets and sculpting embossed leggings so these trends will defiantly endure this season on the highstreet.

I particularly love how both design houses went for the feminine curve appeal of the baroque period. Definitely a plus for those of us who don’t look like runway models. Which is pretty much everybody.

And speaking of us mere mortals, the good news is that this trend is everywhere on the highstreet! Zara and Topshop in particular, are great! The quality obviously isnt the same, so instead of the 3D embossed gold trimmings seen at D&G expect to see dresses with 2D machine done rococo embroidery and fabric printing. Best thing to do when chanelling the high end is to get the closest match to the shape and cut of what you’re chanelling and then bring it all together with the accessories and dont be afraid to layer them up to mimick the fulness of the designer pieces. The white lace dress in the below collage, will look great with both the hairbands in the collage worn together with the earrings, cuff, ring, and necklace. More is more!

Here are some of my favorites from the Highstreet on this trend.Hope you enjoy! Until next time….

Clockwise from left (pricing in Euro) Jacket Zara 48; Hairband River 10 Leggings £12; Ring 10 topshop Dress 50 Topshop; Hairband 12 Topshop; Earrings 12 Topshop; Cuff 12 Topshop; Trousers 32 Zara; Necklace 12 Zara; Top 23 Topshop; Blouse 32 Topshop; Dress 35 Zara


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