Review of Estee Lauder Doublewear ‘stay in place’ Foundation

Tried this for the first time today, wasn’t blown away. The overall look wasn’t great. Quite cakey and patchy and really not blendable at all, you need a very quick hand when applying this as it dry’s very quickly like cement (the swatch above stayed like that for only afu seconds before drying) and then does not blend or budge after that, hence the cakeing. So make sure you know how full you want youre coverage to be before you start.

But it has its good points. It lives up to its claims of being truly oil free and matte with a little spf which is a plus and being transfer resistant. I’d recommend this for acne prone skin because it’s non acnegenic, oil free, medium to full coverage and super super matte! I have an oily skin type but this made my skin feel tight for the first half of the day and I didn’t get any shine at all by the end of the evening, so it would suit acne prone skin. No need for concealer or powder, so it’s a timesaver and economical. I wish this had been around when I was an acne suffering teenager, cos I wasn’t half as fussy about looking caked so long as my acne was camouflaged and my teachers weren’t waiting with a facewipe.

It’s mostly transfer resistant –good for trying on clothes, but you’re boyfriend will still complain you’re makeup gets on his shirts by the end of the evening, but not half as much as with an oil based foundation.

My main problem with this foundation is that its finish is awful, and that’s really what makeup is for isn’t it? These day’s matte foundations are supposed to be velvet matte. Adding radiance, flawless poreless finish and illumination. This, was just matte like concrete. About as effective at improving your look as putting a bag over your head – cant see any flaws, but you look awfully stupid.

This sunk into all flaws and showed up pores I didn’t even know I had. I was also super mattifying so it gave me dehydration lines under my eyes and mouth which is weird cos I don’t actually have any of those lines when I don’t wear this. If it did this for a young oily skin type, I can only imagine what it would do to a middle-aged, dry skin type- the demographic of Estee Lauder. Caking and patching would defiantly happen and there the two worst things that a foundation can do 2BH.

So if you’re looking for very good mattifying coverage that lasts all day and can take you from work to bar without the need to reapply and aren’t so concerned with flawlessness, radiance or luminosity cos you already are, then this is the man for you.


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