Cleaning out my wardrobe and finding Ralph by Ralph Lauren – A trip down memory lane.

I just had a big clear out of my wardrobe today because I’m moving out soon so I’m going to have to downsize on the clutter, and found myself taking a trip down memory lane. You find the best things in the back of wardrobes! Things like my ‘memory box’ from 2006-2007. A box I used to store mementos like cinema tickets from movies I enjoyed, my forth year log book, giant handmade birthday cards my friends made me, the lines for a play I was in, my name tag from my first job..all that kind of stuff.

And underneath the dust was the scent of the perfume which took my right back: Ralph by Ralph Lauren. This was a Celtic Tiger scent filling the newly emerged gap in the market for teenage designer fragrance. Before this, the only teen fragrances were Impulse body sprays like these

That everyone used to spray like crazy and probably caused a perfume shaped hole in the ozone layer. My primary school banned them because unsurprisingly, the fumes caused asthma attacks.

Aul Ralph by Ralph Lauren was probably my first ever real perfume that I bought, with holiday money at about 14 going to Spain, for the grand sum of 24 euro (which seemed a fortune to someone accustomed to robbing her big sisters 3 euro impulses).This then became my signature scent until I was about 17. And by signature I mean ‘special occasions’ cos I wasn’t allowed wear perfume in school. And it’s for that reason that it’s the ‘scent-track’ to my adolescence.

The company describe it as a colourful floral fragrance, sparkling green apple leaves, zesty orange mandarin, charismatic pink magnolia, and seductive purple freesia. Capturing the youth and energy of today’s modern woman….basically a posh fruity scent for teens that won’t smell like you robbed your mom’s heavy evening perfume.

When I smell Ralph I’m transported back to all the ‘special occasions’ of my youth like Summer holidays, the gealteacht, various discos, Christmas with my big mad family, miscellaneous house parties that were like an episode of the inbetweeners but which I enjoyed to bits, first dates, sleepovers with my friends, my first summer job and so many other’s. When I smell this I’m taken back to all the best times of my youth and I forget that I was actually a dork, with acne, braces and frizzy hair and that it rained continuously for most of the summers I’m remembering with rose tinted glasses. But that’s the great thing about scent memory, it takes you right back to that time and that place. And for me, those particular times and places were nice, so that’s why this scent has transported me to a place that’s got me all nostalgic, and why I decided to post this bit of blather for you guys.
Until next time….


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