Ever the lazy girl, but with a love for the high maintenance polished look, I’m always looking for sneaky shortcuts in my beauty routine.  I do a very elaborate routine every morning with my hair starting with sometimes a 6-7am wakeup (necessary evil of commuting to a 9am lecture) shower, serum, blowdry, straighten and then start makeup and picking what to wear- see why I get up so early now?

Only a handful of the world’s supermodels can just roll out of bed makeup free, run a brush through silky locks, find something on the floor, and somehow look immaculate and radiant like they just stepped off a runway.  If a mere mortal like myself did that, Id look hideous!

However there are ways of cheating your way to silky wash and go locks. And they come in the form of permanent straightening like the 12 week blowdry, and Japanese Yuku straightening. These are all well and good, but at 150 to 600 euro to get them done and spending at least 2-6 hours in the salon chair that’s a big chunk of change – not to mention small talk with the hairdresser.

But the beauty industry is always wise to what women want and so there are a whole host of DIY home straightening kits emerging onto the market. They supply the same ingredients that they use in the salon and give detailed instructions on what to do. So I gave Charles Worthington salon at home straight and smooth straightening kit 25.75 euro a go.

It didnt live up to its promises and l found that overall it actually took just as much time as when you get it done at the hairdressers! And like all things DIY whether that home dying or fixing your microwave it’s never going to be as good as a trained professionals work. It does to be fair make the hair silky and less frizzy and does cut down my straighening time as a result. But I was left with pretty much the same curly hair as before!

The kit itself is great, the safety gloves are extra thick and the comb is really good too. I’ve held into both. You get three bottles and the instructions are very good and easy to follow and they give explanations for each step which is crucial to prevent hair horror stories. They don’t however give a protective cape, which you get in salons to keep the chemicals off your neck and shoulders. So I improvised, cutting arm and head holes in a black sack ( NB upside down not open ended)

How it works is you wash your hair as usual but don’t condition.  Apply the straightening treatment section by section. Make sure to set a timer to 20 minutes and include the application time in this 20 minutes. Any longer and you risk your hair falling out at the roots. So basically apply it quickly! Comb the treatment through and wait 20 minutes. You’ll notice an ammonia like smell – that’s the smell of the product starting to work. It’s similar to the smell when dying your hair- nothing to worry about. Once the 20 minutes are over you thoroughly rinse out the treatment. I kept the protective cape on to stop the residue running onto my back and burning me. I was amazed at how silky my hair felt after I did this! I was expecting it to feel like straw!

Then you apply the neutraliser for 5 minutes, again applying section by section. This stops the treatment by neutralising the chemicals in the treatment. I was a bit surprised that the bottle for this was only 1/3 the size of the treatment and its the most important because without it the chemicals will keep breaking down the bonds in your hair and eventually make it fall out! But it was fine, there was enough.

You then wash this out and start the laborious task of blowdrying the hair straight with a barrel brush (use no product whatsoever in case of a chemical reaction). I got my mom to do this because she’s better at blow-drying than me, (I usually just turn my head upside down, turn the hairdryer on and let my GHD fix the frizz when its dry) but she’s no comparison to a professional hairdresser so It took like an hour and was a bit fuzzy but it was straight and that’s all that matters cos it’s the blowdrying that trains the hair into its new straight shape.

Annoyingly the no washing your hair or getting it wet for 48 hours rule still applies like when you get a 12 week blowdry or Japanese Yuku straightening. So I still had to bring an umbrella everywhere and avoid even the tiniest bits of rain for two days, and sound like a diva when I said stuff like, no I cant go, cant let my hair get wet for another 13 hours!

Then, after those 48 Hours I washed my hair and mother of god, it was almost the exact feckin same! Much less frizzy and felt silkier but the same! I’ll still have to straighten and blowdry each morning I said to myself! No comparison to a 12 week blowdry which leaves your hair silky straight with a just bit of a kink-nothing 2 seconds with the GHD couldn’t handle. But as time went on I did noticed it’s taken much less time to blowdry and straighten than usual because its silkier, and its less prone to frizz when caught in the rain or wind. But still, it aint to comparison to professional treatments,which is what it claims to be. They should just call this CW cutting down on youre straighening time treatment.


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