Brad Pitt to be the face of Chanel No5 ??

Dunno what to think of this?! Usually I love everything Karl Lagerfeld comes up with creatively, but not this time. Using ruggedly sexy man Brad Pitt to sell the soft classic woman’s fragrance Chanel no 5.  Yes you read that right, someone with a pair of liathroidi is going to be the face of the iconic woman’s fragrance.

Was Angelina sick or something the day they were to shoot, so she sent her man and hoped no one would notice? According to Karl Lagerfeld, creative director at Chanel, the idea is (apparently) that a man can embody the spirit of the fragrance, the sexuality of a scent is intertwined between a man and a woman…..Yeh, moreso ,they imagine women will buy this if they think an actual man likes it and finds it sexy, with connotations of intelligence and class in the wearer.

It’s not the worst marketing strategy, I know plenty of women who wore their hair in a certain way, because the object of their affection said he liked curls. Or bought underwear, because their boyfriend saw it on a model and found it sexy.

But will this strategy really work for the Chanel No5 customer?  Usually, classy, middle aged, confident women who have moved beyond (or I’d like to think above) all of that youthful need to please.

Also the adds not that effective at selling perfume. I was too distracted by the sexy man with the sexy voice to actually listen to what he was saying, then suddenly a bottle of Chanel No5 pops up! I thought I switched the channel.

Until next time…….


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