Take two Clinique makeup removers. Wash away gel cleanser; take the day off cleansing balm;

Clinique Wash away gel cleanser 22 Euro

Thinking it was time to move on from my disaster with Shu Uemura balancing cleansing oil, I bought this, and got a million boots points while I was at it. I was so sure of this product because I’ve gotten such great results from Clinique’s 3 step system, there supposedly allergy tested to the hilt, they know allot about skincare, and they are usually not pushy at their counters, even as I went to buy a more expensive Clinique makeup remover, the assistant recommended this instead, saying it was better for my skin type. Grand so.

Very different to MR I’ve used before in that it’s more like a face wash, but it thoroughly removed every scrap of makeup and left my skin feeling fresh and clean, like no other before it. Only a tiny blob was required as it foams like mad and it lasted forever- about 2-3 months with everyday use.

Only problem was that in the long term it made my skin feel super dry and almost on the verge of inflamed, towards the end I was waiting for the bottle to be finished. Had to put Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream on around my cheekbones and eye area every night so that defeated the purpose of it being an oily skin MR. Great for those of you with very oily to acne prone skin, but not for me with a normal to oily skin type.

Clinique take the day off cleansing balm 28 Euro

Almost the holy grail of MR’s! Almost! This solid balm melts into a silky oil that gobbles up all makeup even a full on smokey eye and even eyelash glue, then washes it all down the plughole instantly, not a bother on it, which is a relief, because if there’s one thing I don’t want to do a wobbly battle with at 4am, it’s my eye makeup!  Non drying, non greasy-almost an oxymoron in beauty products, a little goes a long way and its ultra long lasting I’ve had it 5 months now and I’m only reaching the halfway point in the tub.

But, its fatal flaw, is that the silky oil it melts into seems to seep into my eyes (without causing them any irritation in fairness) and make my vision foggy!! It doesn’t wash out of them easily either and rubbing like mad seems to be the only way to really get rid of it. Scared the bejaysus out of me the first few times when I coped that no, the mirror isn’t fogged up, the shower isn’t on, and you don’t need glasses, you’re MR is just coating your eyeballs!! Like you do… So the search for the perfect Makeup remover is still on…

Until next time….


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