Essence Cobalt blue nailpolish

I heard such great things about this budget brand sold in penny’s that I just wanted to like it, but unfortunately I don’t. It just another budget “introduction to beauty” brand for tweens and doesn’t really deserve the space it’s getting in the magazine and blogging world at the moment. It’s essentially pound shop makeup, and pound shop quality.

One good thing I’ll say for it is that it’s good for test driving nail colours before you opt for a better option. I tried out their Cobalt blue for 1:89 on Wednesday night. It went on smooth and dried quickly but it soon started to look a bit matte and like it had been on for weeks- and this is just after afu hours. Then it started to chip and flake by about lunchtime the next day, and by the evening it was in tatters. Exactly what I would have expected from a 1:89 nail polish.

It’s the one night stand of the nail varnish world, grand once, but not something you’d stick with long term because it’s too flaky.


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