Maxfactor facefinity 3-in1 foundation 13:99


I never like non designer brands of makeup, particularly foundations, their usually just watered down versions of the designer equivalents and should come with a disappointment warning. Usually- but this is grand.

It has a decent SPF of 20 which cheaper brands like this don’t usually have. I put it through its paces by not wearing any primer or concealer, cos I’m a wagon like that, and hey, it looked just fine! It covered superficial skin flaws like broken capillaries and uneven skintone. Wouldn’t say it would cover the ‘big guns’ of concealing-dark circles-spots or fine lines. But it definitely dimmed them allot.

No need for primer really because it contains three types of silicones so it didn’t slip off half way through the day and gave a nice soft focus finish. Wouldn’t quite say it was flawlessly matte like it claimed but it was very close to it, you’d just need a tiny sweep of powder and that’d be that.

Word of warning is that its “fade proof” so that means “gets darker when it’s on your skin” so go like 4 shades lighter than you think you need, to avoid doing a double take when you see a Satsuma looking at you in the mirror.

Overall not bad, a very good effort! I’m not gonna throw my YSL Teint Radience out the window or anything, but it could be good if you’re looking to bridge between your good foundation and something more affordable.


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