Head to toe Penneys/Primark

Here are some of the latest pictures of head to toe penney’s outfits from some of the new locations Penneys has opened in, as well as Ireland. Its Irelands most successful fashion import, with stores all over the UK, EU, Middle East, and Oz. Dubai has even found itself with a copycat penney’s…well, they say imitation is the highest form of flattery don’t they? Penney’s is the only Irish retailer to report increased profits and rapid expansion during the downturn. Even die hard designer lovers are uttering Ireland’s favourite phrase “Thanks! Penneys!”

These days there are even extra style points going for those who can utter that phrase. It leaves people gasping, and then smiling. Because inherently, we all know that you don’t need money to be chic. Style is not something you can buy. Some people could wear the most expensive clothes in the world and still look cheap. Style is not in a label or a dress size, it’s in how a woman carries herself, it’s as much a part of her as breathing, it’s something you can’t turn on and off, that certain something, that indefinable quality. You either have it or you don’t.

One of best things outspoken designer Karl Lagerfeld has ever said, is that he hates when a rich woman offers him money to style her saying “Karl, make me chic”, “My reply is always the same,” “If you have to ask to be made chic, there is no hope, you will never be chic.”


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