Matrix Biolage Smooth Therapie shampoo – Gives hair like Kate Middleton, apparently

Its killing me to reveal this, It’s sort of my secret weapon. But here I go, Matrix Biolage Smooth Therapie shampoo and conditioner, sold in salons 13:99 each. I was given this last Christmas and I’ve used it ever since, because it’s a miracle in a bottle. My hair is naturally strong and shiny, but it gets really really dry, frizz prone and limp. Until this, this brought my hair back to life! It actually looked like the model in it’s add! Something that I’d just about decided wasn’t possible from a shampoo.

I was beyond thrilled. It makes hair feel like silk, bouncy, shiny like never before, frizz free, and just amazing all round! Entirely worth its salon price tag! The difference was so obvious that I even started getting compliments from complete strangers. Two separate shop assistants in two different shops on the same day, told me that I had hair like Kate Middleton! After I bought stuff, so they didn’t have to suck up to me anymore….Not that they really need to do that in Tesco anyway.

One thing to note is that it doesn’t lather allot when shampooing. This is a good thing, because it doesn’t contain allot of detergent or sulphate. Two of the worst ingredients you can have in shampoo, because they strip the hair of its natural oils and tear at the hair shafts. It doesn’t matter how many other virtues your shampoo has, if its got those,it’ll never do much for you. And you’ll have to use loads of products after to get it back to its basic good condition.

Another great thing is that it lasts forever, about 2-3 months, so it probably works out the same as a supermarket one over that period. Three months of hair pride for 26 euro? Yes please!


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