Studio Fix fluid voted into Irelands Top 5 “best” foundations ??

Studio Fix was voted no2 in the ‘best in beauty 2012’ foundation category, with a pool of almost 80,000 votes. Seriously!? It’s not even that good a foundation! I’m thinking this is more indicative of ‘Irelands favourite’ 2012 rather than what’s actually the best.

This is usually most teenyboppers (myself included at 15-16 years old) first fumble into ‘good’ foundation, in the hope of covering acne -at all costs! Or of wearing the foundation everyone’s wearing. It’s marketed at the acne skin market, with its product description reading like this “Contains specially treated micronized pigments and soft focus powders for a super smooth look that helps minimise the appearance of imperfections. Absorbs and disperses oil. Contains special skin conditioning ingredients. Oil free.”

Only problem is that the soft focus powders actually just make it look cakey, patchy and dry making the wearer look really really old and dried up like you have the starring role in ‘’The Mummmy’’. It’s not especially good at covering imperfections either, so you still need a good concealer.

It only lasts about 6-8 hours on a normal to oily skin type and it oxidises on oily area’s (goes darker when exposed to oil) and despite it having ‘skin conditioning ingredients’ and being oil free everyone says that it breaks them out, even if they had always had clear skin before! It also ruins the texture of skin afterwards, making the wearer look like they smoke 40 fags a day even if they don’t. So you end up in a vicious circle.

They also make you buy the pump seperatly! Which is rediculous. Despite this its most peoples go-to foundation. Are we just too loyal to move on? or does everyone actually like it?

It has its good points though, a little goes a long way, it has a wide range of colours to suit all ethnicities, which I know is a hastle to find in Ireland at the moment, and they match you very well to your shade at the MAC counter.They have SF concealers and powders which match each shade exactly, so that’s good, if your buying SF, but I wouldn’t, for all the more important reasons above.


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