Do men really prefer us without makeup?

It’s what they all say, but I’ve always grappled with the concept. But is it just something they say to us because it’s what we want to hear? Are they just stupid and think that women with natural looking minimal makeup are actually bear faced? Are they just so used to seeing women wearing makeup all day-all-night that they have forgotten what we look like without? Or, are they actually telling the truth?

Like I said, I’ve always struggled with this concept! As a fashion and beauty blogger I’m clearly a fan of makeup! Not necessarily the Dolly Parton, caked in makeup look, but there’s nothing I hate more than not wearing any makeup! I look way better with makeup on, my face without is hideous! Mirror breaking kind of hideous!! Yet every boyfriend I’ve ever had has uttered the phrase, your prettier without makeup. They have to be telling me what I want to hear? They couldn’t really believe it, more so they just don’t mind it? Just like we tell guys we don’t care about how tall they are, even though we do. More likely, by the time they get to know you well enough to see you without makeup, they have already fallen in love with you, they see the inner beauty, so the outside isn’t as important anymore. At which stage they also want to please you, and tell you nice things, like you look prettier without makeup. Because that’s what we all want to hear.

Another theory is that guys don’t get to see women without makeup very often! Some guys I know think that cat eye flicks are just part of our faces! All women wear makeup, all the time, so they just sort of think that’s what we look like. Like a crack in the wall you don’t notice until you come back from a long holiday. Further proof of this theory is that the one time I went into college without makeup all the lads thought I’d caught swine flu… and AIDS, but the girls knew straight away- oh, she’s no makeup on.

Or, heaven forbid, they actually do prefer us without makeup! The only time in my life I can remember thinking makeup was a bit ick was when I was about 8 years old. This is the mental age men revert to when it comes to women, so perhaps that’s the key. Various other practical reasons arise, like, not liking foundation getting on their shirts, not liking when you get black melted smudges under your eyes, that terrifying moment when you pull off your fake lashes and they think you just pulled out the real thing, and my personal favourite –wear face! The white circle around your mouth with makeup worn away post shift!

So, until next time, I’ll resign myself to solving this mental rubix cube, at some stage.


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