Snuggle up in a scarf

With icy winds blowing in from Siberia this week, now would be a good time to invest in a good scarf. I used to be particularly averse to wearing knitwear, avaiding my mam’s grasp each morning as she produced my school coat, stealthily breaking for the door, all in the name of coolness, which just resulted in me shivering and turning blue.

But I’ve grown up now, and come full circle. Now I’m lusting after everything warm and scarf like on offer. A scarf can make you’re outfit, pulling everything together, and showcasing how cool you are. Only an eijit would be seen without a statement scarf for AW12.

My favourite knitwear brand, electronic sheep, and Irish brand that are just achingly hip and a roaring success on the edgy London fashion scene. They do high quality, super soft, super hip statement knitwear. No London fashionista would be seen dead without hers. I don’t know whether it’s the wool they use or the colours but they give an incredible brightness to the face and tone with every skintone.

I love the animal head hat/scarf trend in theory but you just have to wear a good quality one. Those 5 euro from the stalls on Grafton street ones look like ancient, manky, teddy heads, which just makes you look like your desperate to be cool, rather than desperately cool. So invest in something like the quirky LA brand, Spirit Hoods. They have a passion for animals, aiming to evoke the spirit of each animal, with its high quality faux fur designs. A portion of each sale goes towards animal conservation and reintroduction projects in the US and worldwide. They also look great, and avoid that manky teddy head business.

Snoods are another favourite of mine with penneys and urban outfitters doing the best on the highstreet . They look best worn with simple basics or with just one statement piece like a jumper or coat. Remember they are a key piece in themselves.

Zara are also doing some great, ‘looks more expensive than they’ are scarves, with the added benefit of being classy and understated. Abercrombie and Fitch also have the most incredible cashmere tartan scarves that have that magic quality of bringing out warmth and glow in your skintone by being the perfect colour that you cant quite find anywhere else.

Clockwise from left pricing in Euro: Electronic sheep 95; Abercrombie 44; Pennys/Primark 10; Electronic sheep 80; Zara 19; Spirit Hoods $129; Zara 39; Urban Outfitters 22;


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