No glove, no love this winter

Its getting sooo cold out there! My hands have gotten so cold the last few days, they actually froze stiff! I couldn’t even text. I had to do that thing where I curled my hands up into my sleeves and shoved them into my pockets, dreading the moment when I would have to take them out to do something like pay bus fare or press the button at a traffic light.

So if you want to avoid the winter time misery of trying to keep the wind from blowing up your sleeve, and trying to sneekily press the traffic light button with your elbow, gloves would be your only man. Here’s my selection of the best winter warmers. Possibly the best purchase you will make this winter.

Clockwise from left: pricing in Euro :lace gloves 25 amazon; cable knit 10:49 asos; Aztec knit 14:40 topshop; sheep shin mittens 175 UGG Australia; fingerless pu gloves 26:40 river island; fairisle 25 asos; right wrong 34 asos; fairisle 23 urban outfitters; sheep skin 175 UGG Australia; bow gloves 6:95 ASOS; ted baker intarsia knit 34:03 asos; faux sheerling 17:95 asos


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