Falling in love with American Apparel

So everyone, I thought I’d let you all know, I’ve fallen in love. Not with a guy, no no, something way better- American Apparel on Grafton street!
Like all the best couples I started out totally indifferent to American Apparels existence. They were just that shop at the bottom of Grafton street before you get to dame street direction…so what? I never went in there. They had too many luminous leotards in the window to entice me in. I also heard they were totally unsuitable for the ‘typical Irish figure’-whatever that is. But little did I know we were made for eachother.

It wasn’t until one rainy day last year that fate pushed us together. I was waiting for my bus that wasn’t due for another 25 minutes, across the road from AA. So I decided to go in, at least it was dry.

And that’s when it all began. I finally found a place that sold jeans that fit my hourglass figure. I got that “where have you been all my life” feeling! I had finally found jeans shaped to fit my 24 inch waist and 36 inch backside! Everything was a bit “off duty model”, the designs are totally simple but the quality of the materials, the subtlety of colour and finish, hint at more expensive origins. And they are expensive, 78 euro for a fisherman knit kinda thing, but it’s well worth saving for, because the clothes give that, classy sensual , look at the person and their nice figure, rather than their loud clothes, kind of sexy. I’ve been looking for this all my life.

But if that wasn’t enough, I found after going on their website, that this is the kind of love that just keeps getting better. They use models of all sizes and ethnicity’s, and they are sweatshop free, making everything by hand in their eco friendly factory’s in the USA!! That’s why they’re so expensive so. But I don’t care, it’s a small sacrifice when you’ve found something so perfect for you!

I wished I’d always (shopped) there, I could have spared myself so many (fashion) mistakes! If only I had given AA a chance sooner. It’s great to have (a shop) love you for who you are!….not like other (shops) that want you to be something your not (have identical hip and waist measurements with no dip in your back in jeans).
I hope you can be happy for me.


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