Head to toe Black leather trend -The designer I wish I was rich for

Well ok, I wish I was rich everytime I watch a fashion show! But when I watched this I really really wished I was rich enough to drop 5k on a dress…

My favourite show of AW12 to showcase the head to toe leather tend is new kid on the block, Turkish designer Arzu Kaprol. She also brings us the anti gravity heel which is a trend that has, incredibly, managed to make it to the high street for AW12. I would have thought they were too complicated a design to mass produce! I think this collection is the most wearable of all the Paris Fashion week designers I have seen.

Arzu Kaprol may not yet be a household name, (probably because they only became Paris Fashion week members in 2011) but she is incredibly talented! Anyone who can showcase head to toe patent leather with thigh high leather boots, and somehow, manages not to make the collection look like the rocky horror picture show cast line-up, has talent.

Every inch of the collection is lux and high fashion! I love the peplum dresses, the shoulder details the sheer sparkles, I even like the trophy fur jackets. Its wearable high fashion – a nigh impossible task! Like I said, I wish I was rich so I could buy everything in this collection! So if anyone knows any nice millionaires looking to fill my wardrobe, that can cope with the shock of getting nothing in return, give them my number right away.


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