Review of Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara 25 euro

I’m always a little apprehensive of cult beauty products. Their usually like cults themselves –worshiping something stupid, so when I tried cult product Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara,25 euro, I ehem, “had my eyes open”.

At first it was a little disappointing, it was way too wet to actually adhere to my lashes, so all that length and volume blather the box goes on with was a little lost on my lashes. But after 2 weeks it had dried out somewhat so I was actually able to use it. One of the first things you notice is that it has quite a nice scent. I was cautious about that in the beginning, but it didn’t irritate my eyes so it’s ok.

It was not quite the wow factor I was expecting given its cult following, but a world away from average. It made my lashes super long and thick and with a little brush twisting it gave a decent enough curl. To be fair my lashes are super straight and stubborn so no mascara or even the Shu Uemura eyelash curler can keep them very curled for very long. The overall effect was nice, it actually does look quite doll-like, which is nice on my eyes because they are very big and round like a doll to begin with.

It is a tad on the clumpy side so I’d say not to use more than two coats, and to comb the lashes through before you start applying this. The i-conic (so-called because its shaped like a traffic cone) brush is a load of faf, it would be better without, all the small end seems to do is collect a mountain of excess mascara that you need to wipe off after you pull the brush out- pointless!

Overall though, its delivers on its claims to give fanned out volume and length even to my short, stubby little lashes. It is quite a doll like effect, which I liked with my eye shape and it has quite a nice scent. I wouldn’t rate it above all others in its class, it’s really no better than any other high end mascara, but compared to the low end and mid range mascaras its good. I don’t know if I will necessarily be rushing out to buy another one once it’s used up, but, if I had to pick between this and a cheaper one like Rimmel or Maybeline, I’d pick this.


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