Gucci AW 12 Makeup – Pale and interesting -Release your inner vamp

Porcelain pale Irish skin is in! But can you bear to ditch the bronzer? Most of us Irish girls wouldn’t dream of actually trying to enhance our natural paleness for anything – “wouldn’t that make me look sick, or nerdy, or both?” being the first thoughts of most of us.

But one look at Gucci AW 12 show and I was convinced otherwise. The look is a drop dead gorgeous – dark lip with petal soft matte skin and bleeched out eyebrows. Done properly, it’s completely exquisite. High fashion vamp.

This look is perfectly geared towards the typical Irish complexion. Something that looks better when it’s not being fought with trying to fool others into thinking we hail from Hawaii. And believe it or not, this look actually does go down very well with men. No really! They like the dark vampy lips.

This look is the brainchild of Pat McGrath, creative director for COVERGIRL, Dolce & Gabbana The Makeup, and Max Factor, so you know where to head to recreate the look. My research suggests Pat used Dolce and Gabbana Lipstick in either Amethyst or Lust along with Dahlia Lip pencil to create this perfect vampy pout

Here’s a how to tutorial. It illustates my point about how pale can be sexy. I’d turn the sound down though. The piano music playing is stupid.


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