Why November is the best time to start Christmas shopping

Just like Santa, I’m making a list and checking it twice. I usually have all my Christmas shopping done by the end of November. Why? Well..

 1 Because its way less stressful

Shopping in November gives you four extra weekends and four extra late night Thursdays. There’s also way less chance that something will be sold out, meaning trekking all over the country to find whatever it was you wanted- with three days left til Christmas.

2 Because you can avoid all the crowds

We all know what the last three weeks before Christmas are like. No parking spaces, mile-long-never-ending queue’s, no seats in restaurants, overly competitive shoppers acting like everything you pick up is the last ticket onto the last escape ship before the apocalypse hits!  No thanks! I’ll get it done in November when I can comfortably wander without the crazy crouds, or the ticking clock. November shopping feels like this.

3 You get to enjoy December

When your shopping is out of the way you can actually enjoy the best bits of December. Like the party’s, good stuff actually being on TV, decorating your house, family time, buying your tree. Or all that other practical stuff like picking up all your food and turbo cleaning your house before your relatives come over. Or, if your my mam, fussing over mince pies and preparing a mountain of nibbles.

4 You get to take stuff back

Find out that your mom has always wanted a red Kitchen Aid like Nigella and has totally gone off YSL Cinema? After you bought her that perfume? No worrys, if you shop in November, you have time to take it back, and buy her the Kitchen Aid.

5 You don’t have to sit anxiously by the post box

Ordering online is great. But then there’s the wondering if it will arrive on time. “They said allow between 10-28 days delivery, so hopefully it will arrive before Thursday?”. There’s then the task of finding someone to stay at home to answer the door for the days that it might come….no mean feat  two weeks from Christmas.

6 You are not spoiling Christmas by starting to early

We’ve all grumbled at the shops selling Christmas stuff before Halloween. It’s almost as though they were selling cocaine.”That’s a disgrace” “It spoils the excitement” “money making goons” and other various moral indignities roll off the tongue at the sight of anything Christmassy before December. But you’ll just have to get over that. .Like anything, if you want it to be good you have to prepare ahead. No way around it. Christmas is no fun if you are stressed out trying to do everything in three weekends. So just get the shopping out of the way, so you can enjoy December with your family. The thing that actually matters.

Besides, the people who complain alot about that stuff usually dont put their christmas tree up til christmas eve, eat spam for dinner and have a frizzy perm….a sure sign of insanity.


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