Winter Coats

Ok it’s officially freezing. So if you haven’t invested in a coat (are you mad?) here are some of my high street and high end fav’s to keep you warm and toasty rather than blue and shivery.

I’m mostly a highstreet kinda girl these days. I used to do “investment piece” coats thinking one coat would do me and I would keep it for years. You don’t!I keep them for a year tops and am totaly sick of them by the end of it. My style can change very rapidly in a year, last year I wouldn’t be seen dead in a parka, this year I can’t be parted from it. So Ive included as many high street coats as high end in my slide show

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pricing in Euro : Cocoon coat 220 Mint Velvet; Bow Coat 30 Penney’s, Grey Collar 675 Rebecca Taylor; Black collar khaki 90 littlewoods; Shirt coat 90 ASOS; Pink coat 590 J Crew@ netaporter; Millitary coat 30 Penney’s; Red coat 567 Vivian Westwood Anglomania; Black Knitted sleeve coat 220 French Connection; Black and white coat 220 Diesel; Peplum coat 100 Zara.


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