Clarins ever matte foundation Review

I got afu samples of this back in May, but Ive only gotten around to trying it now. This was only slightly above average really, I’ll still be looking for “the one” when it comes to foundation. Ever matte foundation 32:55, is like the best guy friend that you bring to places when you need a plus-one, but who you wouldn’t go out with in the long term because there’s just no spark.

Its goes on nicely to the face and there is that fresh Clarins scent at first application, kind of a fruity cucumbery vibe. This raised my eyebrows a little because scent is a serious irritant/stimulant to skin. It can dry it out or break it out, which is no fun, and I did notice that my skin felt dryer and tighter than usual after about 6 hours into wearing it.

Its consistency is silky and light almost like a BB, but the coverage is better, light to medium. Like a BB its got extra skin loving ingredients like SPF15, white tea and anti oxidant rich botanical extracts and is oil free. It goes on smoothly to the face but it goes patchy around the décolleté even if your using primer.

It stays put all day and I was shine free. The finish was ok, nothing special as premium foundations go to be honest though. I found myself using MAC mineralize to give it that soft focus finish and to kick the whole matte look thing into action, because this seems like it takes its time about achieving that, but once it does, it really does.

Overall its fine, but it’s just not exceptional as premium foundations go, there’s no “wow I must go buy this and tell everyone about it factor”. I’d recommend this for those with an oily combination skin type who are concerned about their makeup slipping off half way through the day and aren’t especially concerned with the finish. Id steer clear of this if you have a dry skin type, my skin felt dry and tight half way through the day in this and I have a normal to oily skin type,so I can only imagine what it would feel like on dry skin.


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