Boar bristle hairbrushes – Beauty insider secret weapon.

Boar bristle hairbrushes are the secret weapon of gorgeous haired beauties like Kate Middleton. Apara She’s a fan of Mason Pearson brushes, but there 130 euro so I won’t be reviewing them til payday.

The difference between these and regular brushes is that boar bristle brushes “condition” the hair as you brush. Regular ones just pull through the hair and dont interact with it. The tapered bristles of a boar brush on the other hand, penetrate deep into the hair shafts smoothing them one by one, tightening the scales, helping to move the hairs natural oils evenly through the hair and therefore giving it back its natural shine.  Boar bristles brushes are also naturally anti-static so they discipline hair electricity.

But the big thing that sold me was that they don’t break the hair when you come across any tangles. Nylon or ceramic bristles do, and I use loads of those! So no surprises that my hair is always breaking.

So I thought I’d give the eminence “ Brosse demelante et lissante” Boar brush as they call it, a whirl, sure it’s only a tenner, and you know a brush means business when it comes in a big black box and comes with care instructions – Like buying a special comb to remove hair from it, wash with lukewarm water only, drip dry and point the bristles downwards, and never let near direct heat….ugh sounds a bit like keeping a pet gremlin!

But wow it actually feels great brushing through my hair! I could brush it all night! It gets out all the tangles without that horrible tugging feeling you get with a Nylon or a ceramic brush. It also seems to magically smooth out any static in my hair and make it silkier, smoother and softer than I’d ever have thought a hairbrush could.

Bad points are that they do smooth out the natural oils of the hair, so it seemed to drag oil from the scalp down into the mid length’s of my hair after prolonged use (it feels so nice you want to keep brushing all night) and give a look that was on the edge of heavy possibly even greasy if Id kept going. So best give this a miss if you have hair prone to greasyness. It’s also not very “heavy duty” you can’t use it for blow drying and you can’t use it for straightening. Not something to call on in a styling crisis! It’s more of a ‘conditioning’ brush Id use it before styling to give my hair a silky smooth look, when Im rushing out the door and just want a quick brush or before bed when I wanted to be tangle free….Well, my hair anyway.


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