Spirit Hoods – Quirky animal friendly brand

Ever since I came across LA based brand Spirit Hoods I’ve been in love with them. They are faux fur animal hats that Aim to evoke the spirit of each animal in each design. 10% of the price of each design goes to a non-profit organisation that helps that animal. So if you buy their polar bear design, it helps polar bears. They are also incredibly hip and of exceptional quality with a major cult following both in the US and here in Europe.

They don’t come cheap though. Typically they are about 137 Dollars plus post and packaging and a possible tax bill. But you can buy them for around 125 Euro in Brown Thomas and in Lara boutique.They also sell kids hats for around 87 Dollars or 95 Euro if you buy them in BT’s, so if your head is small enough, maybe you could try one of those. The drawback of buying them over here though, is they don’t always have the full range in stock. If you really couldnt justify the money, but you still want one, you could also tell yourself that since they are a hat-scarf and gloves in one, youre saving money.

They are the only animal head hats I would consider wearing despite their cost. Because everything else on offer in Ireland in the animal head department just looks like an ancient manky teddy head. Which makes you look desperate to be cool rather than desperately cool. And thats never a good thing.

Here are my favourites from this their 2012 range.


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