Urban Outfitters – Quirky fun cool

I’d never really dallied with this shop much until this summer. Their lookbooks always seemed a bit poser/twihard-ish for my tastes. And It didn’t help that the only people I knew who shopped there were the type to wear an oversized  lumberjack hat 24/7 in July and still keep a straight face – not exactly great advertising!

Also, the only two in Dublin are in awkward locations-the labyrinth that is Templebar – and the outside part of Dundrum that I never used to venture to because it’s too cold outside and far away. So I wouldn’t routinely wander in there.

But like I said, this summer I dallied with it and now I love it. I was dying to know where everyone was buying those black high-waisted vintage levis shorts, and my research brought me to UO.  So setting my SatNav app to “pedestrian”,  I began my journey through the  labyrinth that is Templebar. I was apprehensive, expecting to see brightly coloured nerd glasses on those with perfect 20-20 vision. But I didn’t! I was amazed, I actually liked it, allot!

It’s definitely aimed at the ”student and students at heart” market. It’s very quirky cool, but it never tips over into the poser trying too hard category. Allot of their stock is very high quality vintage or vintage inspired, like the shorts I came to buy, and they do amazing statement knitwear that would do ya for the season cos they are great quality and they go with so much.

I also loved their homewear section, very cool indeed! Lots of witty slogans, hip accessories and lots of girly shabby chic pieces that manage not to cross into looking saccharine, which is so easily done. When I get my own house I’m going to deck the halls with all this stuff!

Their vintage renewal label is my favourite! They source their materials from all over the world, only picking pieces of the highest quality and often re-working them to suit the styles of today by doing stuff like dyeing them or embellishing them.

Pricing is hard to pin down, you could pick up a sheer blouse and it could be 300 Euro, or you could pick up a pair of vintage shorts like I did and they would only be 30 Euro – you just don’t know. In fairness to them though, the pricing does reflect on the quality. And they do a 10% student discount that you can use in conjunction with other offers that they always seem to be running.

It’s one flaw is that they are not incredibly supportive of the plus size market. Their “size Large” is only a size 12-14 for crying out loud! That’s not large!! This annoys me, even though I’m not plus size.  But they are good for the extra small market, which a friend of mine who is Asian, is delighted about, because its hard to find clothes in Ireland that fit her small frame.

Here are some of the favourite things from UO, hope you enjoy.


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