Breaking Dawn Part two makeup collection review


Initially I wasn’t thrilled at the idea of reviewing a budget makeup brand, especially not one based on the infamous vampire movie/book series. Because I assumed this collection would just be a bog standard makeup offering with Breaking Dawn stamped on it, and Im probably biased because I have a love hate relationship with the twilight saga. But in fairness to essence, they actually did do their research, and the concept for this collection is based on the Stephanie Mayer take on how vampires look, and on the overall dark and brooding theme of the saga. .

It’s basically a very glitter infused makeup collection, aimed at early teens and the Twihards among us.

For those of you who haven’t read the books, the vampires in the saga can walk around during the day. They don’t fry they just glitter. Which is where “Bella’s secret” shimmer powder comes in. This is a pressed translucent powder infused with glitter. So if you’ve been dying to glitter in the sun since you read the book, now you can. Though, Id stick to just dusting it on cheek and collarbones, instead of head to toe.  You don’t want to look like you’re headed to your first disco.

Another piece of the collection is the “Remesmee Red” blush. A very red blusher powder, based on the idea that the character Remesmee is a rosy cheeked half human half vampire, and with added connotations of blood. It’s not a great blusher, it’s too red, and it makes you look like your sunburnt, not rosy cheeked and innocent. Good concept, but bad as actual makeup.

Then there’s the glittery loose pigmented eye shadows based around the idea that the twilight vampires have gold coloured sparkly dramatic looking eyes, and are always giving each other these smouldering looks with them. There are four shades, a dark almost black midnight blue, deep purple, black and a gold that you can use as a base when using these to create a dark dramatic look. They say use your fingers to apply but I wouldn’t, because in the case of loose pigments you need precision.  Their ok for creating a sparkly smoky eye, but they require a heavy application before you blend because they aren’t very highly pigmented.

They also have matching glittery nail varnishes. I got “Jacobs protection” a sparkly midnight blue. It went on ok-ish but it chipped within hours, and by the next day it was in tatters! Not exactly “A piece of forever”. But it was good while it lasted.

Overall the collection didn’t wow me. But its concept is very cool and each piece takes its cue from its characters and the overall theme and cinematography of the movie and the books, which I liked. My main issue is with the quality of the makeup itself, and how it looks on a person, rather than on a Hollywood marketing department’s drawing board, but for budget brand makeup its good- you can’t really compare water to wine can you?


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