Im going late night shopping tomorrow

Ok guys, so I’m doing some late night Thursday shopping tomorrow with my mam and older sister, can’t wait! I’ve actually bought all of my Christmas presents already, but they haven’t, so I’m just going for the craic really.  I’m a big advocate of knowing what you’re buying before you go, so that I don’t  get sidetracked when I shop, and spend my time looking at fascinating things that I don’t really need or want…and then realising I still need mascara…only now I’m broke.

So here’s my makeup and fashion shopping list for tomorrow. I’m going all recessionista on the makeup front! I’m going to buy, (deep breath) a cheap foundation!! Maybelline “Fit me” to be precise. I haven’t worn one in maybe like 5-6 years, because of the simple fact that designer ones are better and last longer. But I’m considering trying the Gucci AW 12 look. Which is all about pale skin and dark lips, but I might hate it, so I don’t want to invest in designer stuff only to let it gather dust. So fingers crossed it will be good. I’ve heard cheap foundations have come on allot in the last few years so I’ll post tomorrow and do a review of it for you. I’m also going to get some Barry M nail varnish in “Burgundy” and Revlon lipstick in “black cherry”. I don’t have as much of a problem buying these because all nail varnishes chip regardless, and I’m always eating and drinking so lipstick can never stand the test of time on my lips anyway.

Another thing I’m lusting after is this army jacket from Urban Outfitters 65 euro, which is apparently genuine surplus Italian army gear! I also came across a 90’s Wrangler tartan shirt for 33 euro that I’m dying to get my hands on! My dad has loads of them upstairs from the 90’s, but they look more like a dress on me because they are way too big, so I can’t rob them. I couldn’t get any pictures of it from the internet though, because it’s vintage, so each ones unique, therefore no point in UO putting it up on the net. I’ll post and show you tomorrow if I buy it. If I don’t buy that, I’ll probably buy this one from American Apparel.

Until tomorrow…….


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