My Thursday night shopping

2012-11-30 19.19.08IMG_20121130_192750SAMSUNG

Ok, so my plans for being an uber organised shopper, and going all recessionista with my makeup didn’t work out! I went into Boots on Grafton Street all stoked to buy Revlon “black cherry” lipstick, Maybelline “Fit me” foundation and Barry M “Burgandy”. But when I got there, the “Fit me’s” had all been opened and were covered in foundation paw marks!!  Well I wasn’t buying that! The Revlon stand was equally horrendous! People were putting lipstick on the stand!  You pick up a sample and you’re covered in 50 shades of old lipstick! I used to think it was a bad thing that people would feel intimidated in luxury makeup stores like BT and would be afraid to touch anything, but having seen this – I’ve changed my mind! Black cherry was sold out, but this didn’t surprise me – it’s the spits of Dolce and Gabbana “Amethyst” and MAC “Media” but is only 6 euro.  As for the Barry M Burgundy, it wasn’t as deep red as I imagined and it was glittery. It looked more “Christmas decoration” than high fashion.

So I shuffled across the road to Brown Thomas all disappointed at not fulfilling my recessionista dreams. Shuffled into MAC and bought MAC “Media” lipstick 17:99 euro and my usual mineralize foundation 36 euro.

Media is a beautiful velvet matte finish lipstick and it could even work well as a lip stain if you blotted it. I love the dark colour! Its bang on trend and with its blue base it brings out the whiteness in teeth and is very seductive and vampy looking. It looks almost black when you twist it out, but don’t be alarmed it’s more of a berry colour on the lips. It settles in the creases of my lips and you would need a little lip prepping before, but otherwise a great lipstick.

Mineralize is great it gives a natural soft focus finish and is velvet matte- read my previous review about it here . I nicked my mam’s Benefit Dallas blusher for this picture (sorry mam!) to bring out my cheekbones which suits this look because it’s a brown based plum blusher.

After I got that stuff in BT I went across the street again, to M&S, to meet my mam and sis for dinner in the M&S restaurant. We got so carried away talking that we didn’t notice the time ticking by, and afterwards we decided to stick mostly to the twinkly lights of Grafton street to shop for their Christmas presents, so I didn’t get a chance to go down to Templebar and get the things I intended in Urban Outfitters. But I didn’t miss it, I was having such a good time.  I’ll get them another time, they wont run away, hopefully.

Until next time…..


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