Too much of a good thing ?

MAC collage

I woke up this morning, gazed deeply into my makeup bag, and realised to my horror the vast majority of my makeup bag is filled with MAC, I’d say more than 60%, from brushes to primer- is MAC!! I had a moment that could only be described as the makeup equivalent of “I think we should see other people.”  Or “I need spaaace”!! I found myself thinking I should play the (makeup) field! “I’m just too young to be tied down”!! (to one brand).

 MAC, for me, is like a long term relationship that I’ve grown too comfortable with. It’s not “the one”, but it’s the one I’m used to. I’ve dallied with others. YSL is the makeup equivalent of my bit on the side, and I’m always having on-off flings with Benefit, Chanel, Lancôme and Tom Ford…and hell, anything interesting that comes my way-I am a beauty blogger after all!

I’m even on the verge of a flirtation with…whisper it…a cheap foundation from Maybelline!! I know!! I’m terrible!! But my aunty is doing her Christmas shopping in New York at the moment and she said she could get it for me because it’s sold out over here…I’m not a bad person, I just can’t help myself.


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