Maybelline Fit Me foundation review

ffit me collage

I’m back!!! My laptop broke so I had to send it to laptop hospital. I’ve had tones of fashion adventures over the past two weeks tho and I was just dying to share them with all of you! And the first of them – Maybelline ‘’Fit Me’ foundation! Yes I actually used a cheap foundation! ‘’Maybelline Fit Me’’ in shade 110 to be precise and guess what…I loved it! I’m a die-hard designer makeup gal, so for me to say I love a cheap foundation is huge news!

The concept of ‘’Maybelline Fit Me’’ is that it’s a light-medium coverage natural looking foundation that has a very broad shade range and- best bit – takes account of the different undertones in the skin. Preventing the ‘mask effect’ that you get when you wear the wrong shade with the wrong undertones for you. It also has a matching concealer and powder for each foundation all in the same numbers, which is great because this is where people tend to get confused when trying to find the match to their foundation, even with designer products.

But what pulls it all together is the incredible petal soft matte finish. I loved it, very natural looking, very ‘your skin but better”. This could really be a contender to a designer foundation…yes really! It would be great for both oily and dry skin type’s because it’s silicone based rather than oil based so it won’t slip off or cake to dry patches. The powder is great, it fixes and mattifys without looking cakey, but I wouldn’t rely on it in the long term to mattify if you had an oily skin type…it’s still a cheap foundation remember. It has a decent SPF of 18-good for a cheap foundation. The concealer is good for blurring minor imperfections and dark circles, and its liquid, so good news for dry skins. It’s great that it’s the same shade as the foundation so you can lash on mountains of the stuff if you want, and it will still look the same colour as the powder and the foundation. Best of all it’s totally breathable so you don’t get that suffocated feeling you get with some foundations.

My only complaints are that even though they have gone where no cheap foundation has gone before by creating a wide shade range, they don’t actually cater that well for those just on the edges of shade ranges like porcelain pale skin or ‘Grace Jones’ kind of dark skin. But these are a hastle to find anyway, so I suppose I can’t really complain about this. My other bugbear is that if you get it in the states (like I did) they make you buy the pump separately! I didn’t like this with MAC Studio Fix and I don’t like it from Maybelline Fit Me But other than that, a good foundation.


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