Tom Ford Black Orchid Review

tom ford black orchid

So since I’m updating you on my fashion adventures from the past two weeks, I’ll continue, with my Thursday night shopping where I finally got my hands on Tom Ford Black Orchid! I was so assured by all of the positive magazine articles and blogging around this fragrance holding it up to be the epitome of luxury, sensuality and sophistication, that I was not just happy, but delighted, to hand over 150 Euro for the big 100ml bottle, that I practically skipped around Brown Thomas twinkling the little bag as I walked feeling like the coolest sophisticate around!

Black Orchid smells like, as the product blurb says, “an alluring potion of exotic wood and fruit accords with notes of amber, balsam, bergamot, black currant, black gardenia, black truffle, citrus, dark chocolate, French jasmine, incense, lotus wood, mandarin, orchid, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla, and ylang-ylang”. And it does, it definitely does….only problem is….it smells a little, well ok a lot, like a sexy, sophisticated, male fragrance!! I thought maybe I’d accidentally bought the male version of Black Orchid – but there isn’t one! Eeek! The girl behind the counter informs me that this is actually a unisex fragrance, and that unisex fragrances tend to fall one side or the other, there has only ever been genuine unisex fragrance ever created (the 90’s favourite -CK One) and that Black Orchid tends to fall on the masculine side of the fence.
Now, I did smell it in the shop, but, it’s really hard to know what a fragrance smells like when you’re in a perfume hall because the smell of hundreds of other fragrances is in the air and they all sort of blend together, so you never know the true scent until you get home. So I was beyond disappointed with this fragrance! It is sexy, luxurious and high fashion, but really, it’s just too masculine for my taste!

But if you are into deep, woody, sexy fragrances and wish to subscribe to the epitome of luxury fragrance then Black Orchid is the perfume for you, but if you are not into smelling like a sophisticated fashionable version of your boyfriend then, just leave this on the shelf of the fragrance hall.


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