Review of MAC ‘Vintage Vamp’ Nail Lacquer

mac vintage vamp

I got Mac ‘Vintage Vamp’ nail lacquer this Christmas all the way from New York, my aunt was there doing her Christmas shopping, lucky ducky. Its $16, which at the moment is about 12 euro. I don’t  actually know how much it is in Brown Thomas, but I’m guessing it would be somewhere between 16 and 20 euro.

But anyway, the product blurb describes it as this “Revolutionary new high gloss formula. Visibly different. Provides no-streaking/no-chip finish. Contains conditioners and UV protection. Go hi lacquer! “ ….Em, well this is mostly true, save for the chipping part. It didn’t chip as much as a cheaper brand, but, it did begin to crumble at the sides a little by the end my night out on December 26th. The shine falls a little short of being “high gloss,” it only really shines in direct light, otherwise it hints at a dull matte finish, bit disappointing for a high end polish,

Its strength though, is the colour; MAC really hit the nail on the head with their colours! If a nail colour is in fashion, MAC have it exactly, you don’t have to settle. This is what would encourage me to come back and buy another, more than anything elsE. It looks alot like Tom Ford ‘Bitter Bitch.’ . ‘Vintage vamp’ isn’t all too dupable with a high street brand – I’ve tried!  The closest I’ve come, are with Revlon ‘Vixen’ or Nicole Kardashian Kollection by OPI, but they’re just not the same. I’m quite fussy about these things, but, no one seemed to notice or comment on ‘Vintage Vamp’ either way, so If you were looking to make a cut to your beauty budget  you could live without this, because it’s not such a drop in quality from this to the high street.

Overall MAC ‘ Vintage Vamp” is not bad at all, It does what it says and its better than the high street. If you buy it in the States, the price is not that prohibitive. But I’m not entirely convinced high end polishes are vastly better than high street when it comes to finish and chip resistance. It doesn’t have that ‘expensive’ look I was hoping for, but the colours and the conditioning benefits are what make a difference….if you are picky about these things.


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