Squeezielou guide to the January sales

january sales

It’s that time of year again! Post Christmas sales time! Much as I love them they can be a bit of a minefield, with retailers putting out all the junk from 5 years ago and making the shop look like a jumble sale, and making me count down the days til February. But they can also be a goldmine if you know how to shop them. So here’s a few of the tips I’ve learned over the years to help avoid the typical pitfalls of the January sales and get a glittering wardrobe.

1 If you wouldn’t buy it full price – don’t buy it!

Cheap does not always mean cheerful!! I have seen so many friends and family coming back from the sales with horrible items that they bought on a whim because they were 10 euro reduced from 60. Totally forgetting that the item is in fact horrible and they wouldn’t have looked twice at it if it was full price. Items like this usually never get worn and just hang in the wardrobe, causing “hundreds-of-clothes-but-nothing-to-wear syndrome”. You’re better off putting the money towards something more expensive but better quality that you will actually wear.

2 Remember that it’s on the sale for a reason
Every retailer decides around November, based on their sales so far, what should go on sale in January. These are usually the worst selling items (read – most horrible, badly fitting, unusually sized, damaged etc) from that season. But only maybe 1-2% of new season items sell this poorly. So for retailers to have enough stock to sell in the January sales, they use stock from previous years they have stored in their warehouse. These can be up to ten years old. Remember, the shops never make a loss in the sales!

3 Be honest with yourself
If something great is on sale because it has a hole in it, or is too long, be honest, will you actually get around to repairing it or tacking it up? Do you even know how? The same goes for dieting to fit into something – never happens! The badboi will just sit in your wardrobe gathering dust – and guilt!

4 Try everything on before you buy
Some things look great on the hanger, but not so much when their on. Retailers know this, and that’s why it went on sale. That’s also the reason they have that ‘no refunds or returns on sale items’ policy. Trying things on also helps you see rips or stains that might not have been visible on the rack.

5 Know what you want to buy before you go out.
If you don’t know what you want to get, you’ll never get what you want. So look through your wardrobe the night before. This will jog your memory as to what you actually need, and prevent you buying useless things you’ll never wear.


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