Get the body you were born to have – without even leaving the house!

Hope everyone had a good night lastnight! Had a tipple or six? resolving to be better in the new year? Youre not alone, 67% say they are resolving to become fitter and healthier in the new year. Most give up within a month though, because their workout is boring and the gym just seems too far away. So here are some of my favourite fun way’s to exercise….and there’s not a gym in sight!

1 Victoria secret workout

Want the body of a Victoria Secret model? Who doesn’t! Well, now you can join in their exercise routines by watching the videos on the VSX Facebook page. Who’d’a thunk’it, FB procrastination can now give you a supermodel body!
Each video is fun and funky and just looking at the VS angel’s out-of-this-world physique keeps you motivated to keep going! Bear in mind though, these exercises are more “body sculpting” than “weight loss”, great for those looking to gain a more toned physique along with fitness and flexibility.
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2 Jillian Michaels ‘ Extreme Shed and Shred DVD

january fitness 1

I love this woman! Cheryl Cole is rumered to be a fan. Super-motivating, tough as nails “Biggest Loser” trainer Jillian Michaels brings us her HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout DVD using “Biggest Loser” TV show methods. HIIT is the most effective fat burning exercise out there, 20 minutes of HIIT burns the same calories as a 50 minute run!! No wonder those contestants lose so much so fast!! Great if your time poor, or just lazy and get bored easily like me.
That being said, it’s no easy workout! You do intense, alternating bursts, for 20 seconds to raise your heart rate then 10 seconds of lower intensity recovery workouts to bring it back down again. This causes your body to go into “fat burning” mode faster than treadmilling it for an hour at a steady pace. You also gain lain muscle while you fat burn, so it’s a win-win all round!
Available from Amazon $8.96

3 Never follow a fad diet!

They just don’t work. The only food group you should ever cut out of your diet is junk food, and that’s not even a real food group. The food pyramid is the best guide for a genuine healthy balanced diet. Print one out and stick it up in your kitchen so you wont be tempted to fall into the fad diet trap again. On it you’ll see plenty of the foods like meat or potatoes, that the ‘diet’ books ban you from eating.
Your appetite is another unsung hero. It might sound glaringly obvious, but if you eat when you’re hungry (rather than bored) and then stop when you’re full, the pounds will drop off without you ever having to go hungry.

4 Vibro plate

january fitness 3

Don’t let the tacit name put you off, (out of the gutter now) this is the ultimate 10 minute exercise secret and the staple of celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Elle McPherson and Claudia Schiffer! 10 minutes standing on this can burn up to 300 calories! All you do is simply stand on the machine, and it vibrates at 1000hz per minute, causing muscles to involuntary contract. Higher levels increase the intensity and transfer the vibrations to the muscles causing them to tone and strengthen. It also reduces cellulite by increasing blood circulation.
At first it seemed too good to be true. But a month into using it I had toned up all over, and my measurements were down by 3 inches! It claims to be a sweat free workout tool, but at the higher frequencies you do sweat a little, but not prohibitively so. No one would notice if you did this on your lunch break kinda thing.
This is great for those who are just way too tired from a long day at the office to do a workout, students who are too busy/hungover to leave their desk to go to the gym, people recovering from injuries who can’t old-school exercise or busy moms trying to lose baby weight,.
You can hire a vibro plate at starting at 89 euro for 5 weeks rental, and if you really love the machine after that time, you can buy the machine from them.


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