Cross-ing over

This was one of my favourite AW 12/13 shows. It was no surprise to me that the high street went gaga for the crosses trend after Versace showcased it back in fashion week in September. So if this trend hasn’t already crossed into your wardrobe, ditch all the skull prints in your wardrobe for crosses.

Winter may technically only be for another month, but, as we all know, Ireland does that weird thing of forgetting this fact, and stay’s cold until around April, and then has an Indian summer for about two weeks. Which always seem to be the last two weeks of college assignment season, then goes back of being mild and drizzly once you hand it in. So this trend will certainly be worth investing in.

Heres three pieces from ASOS that will make the transition from autumn winter to spring…when it turns up around late May-ish.
Pencil Skirt 25 euro, Shirt 53 euro, Dress 34 euro.


crosses 3

crossses 2


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