Gonna wash that makeup right outta my brushes! – Then send it on its way!

brush cleaning 7

My names Louise, and I’m a makeup-oholic! There, I admit it! Doesn’t that feel better? So if you’re like me, your brushes are probably caked in makeup. I’m a bit obsessed with cleaning my brushes, I do it every week! I’ve even gone the whole way and invested in pro brush cleaners MAC “brush cleanser” 16 euro and Clinique “makeup brush cleanser”, 20 euro to give me a pro clean. They work well, but for me they’re just not enough, all they say to do, is spray the brush and then wipe them- pfft! That just removes the surface stuff! I have to give them a proper clean!

What the pros do backstage once the show is over, is get a tumbler with an inch of lukewarm water screw the top off their brush cleaner (usually MAC) pour it into the tumbler and then soak the brushes! You wouldn’t believe how much makeup comes out of the brushes! It looks like paint washing out of a paintbrush! The water is brown after! Sometimes they stay like that even after you repeat the process afew times!! I usually even go one step further than the pros and slather the brush in makeup remover just to save time. After that you towel dry them, and they’re as soft and amazing as they were when they were band new. I usually do this at night and then in the morning they’re dry and ready to go

If that new brush feeling isn’t enough of a motivator, then know this, a dirty makeup brush is the same principle as a dirty kitchen sponge! It can harbour bacteria that will cause acne or exacerbate dryness or even cause conjunctivitis and cold sores! It’ll also make your makeup look patchy cos of all the dead skin cells stuck in the brush! And wouldn’t it be nice to have eyeshadow come out the actual colour of you shadow, not 50 shades of every shadow you’ve ever used mingling in the same brush?

If you get bored while your doing it, Hum “Gonna wash that man right outta my hair” and then it will seem funny.


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