Karl Lagerfeld gives us a highland fling with Chanel Metiers d’Art collection

I saw this show and thought, ok Karl Lagerfeld, all is forgiven (yes, even that Chanel No5 add with Brad Pitt!)

Karl Lagerfeld is known for having the best fashion shows in the industry . Shows that put all other shows to shame, and reportedly costing well into the six figure bracket. But I wasnt blown away by his Chanel AW 12 show, infact I hadn’t really been that wowed since AW 10 which saw models walking on a real iceberg shipped in from Sweden. I was beginning to think perhaps he had run out of ideas and was now just going through the motions. But then I saw this, and just like that, all was forgiven!

The concept for the show was Mary Stuart, aka ‘’Mary Queen of Scots’’ the 13th century monarch. The show was held in the burned out ruin of Linlithgow Palace just outside Edinburgh- the birthplace of the monarch herself. A touch of snow, Scottish mist, and a castle lit by goblets of fire met the guests as they attended the annual Chanel Metiers d’Art collection.

The collection is very much the Scotland that fashion dreams are made of. Brooding, rugged romance, laced with perfect regal tailoring and of course, plenty of tartan, it was a high-fashion highland fling.

The Metiers d’Art collection, is designed to showcase the workmanship of France’s finest ateliers. Since 2002 Chanel has owned many of them, and invested heavily in them. Lagerfeld said of this: “[Coco] Chanel discovered knitwear here, she discovered tweed here. She came to Scotland with her lover the Duke of Westminster. Mary Stuart’s mother was French, her father was Scottish. She went to live in France and then came back as Queen of Scotland. So, there are many connections and I like that.”


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