“Thanks, I made this.” DIY Dolce and Gabbana AW12 hairband

d&g aw12 hair



Dolce and Gabbana’s AW 12 hairbands (or headbands depending on which side of the Atlantic you’re reading this on) were one of my favourite Baroc accessories on the AW 12 catwalks. High Fashion is obviously going through a ‘noblewoman‘ phase at the moment see my last post. They look so intricate at first, but when you see them up close, they are actually quite a simple design. This makes them the perfect subject for a DIY feature.

And hey, saying “Thanks! I made this” is a great way to prove your fashion and creativity merit and a great conversation starter.
Unfortunately, I’m not too savvy with a hot glue gun – the arts and crafts kind anyway – so I’ll hand you over to the fashionable hands of FabSugar.com for a video tutorial. If like me the whole glue gun business aint workin for ya, I’d recommend ‘sticking’ with plain ole super glue, applied with a took pick. It often just works out easier, and stops your hairband meeting a sticky end!


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