Review of Organic 16 Week Blowdry by The Art Team at Elite Hair Salon Lemon Street

16 week blowdry
I have a confession – I’ve always been envious of people with natural beauty – how strange! The sort of people that have model perfect skin that doesn’t need any makeup, people who can eat anything, and most of all, people who have silky straight hair that you can just wash, point the hairdryer at for two seconds and then look like they stepped out of a salon.
If you’re anything like me though, the last one sounds like just a dream, right? The GHD is my dessert island essential. I have super curly, voluminous, frizz prone hair that even a drop of rain turn’s into a birds nest!

So when I heard of the organic 16 Week blowdry, a permanent straightening treatment that permanently straightens your hair, eliminates frizz, and strengthens the hair by filling in the cracks in the hairs structure with keratin. This suposedly means you can wash your hair, give it afu minutes under the hairdryer with a barrel brush and it will be silky straight in under 10 minutes – the holy grail for curly frizz prone people like me! In fairness to them though they say it only makes hair about 70% straighter then before, so you will have to still use your GHD if you want a polished look, but it will only take afu minutes. Which beats my usual 1hour.
And there’s none of the nasty side effects of the formaldehyde based 12 week blowdry, like burning red eyes during the treatment, smelling like bleach for 2 weeks after, and not being able to wash your hair or even get it wet (no mean feat in drizzly Ireland) for 48 hours. So I booked myself in for the 16 week blowdry at The Art team Elite Hair Salon on Lemon Street ( just off Grafton street, between A-wear and BT2 ) for 120 Euro.

The Salon itself is great, it’s a high end salon, very trendy and high gloss minimalist white next to black lacquer French boudoir furniture to store the Moroccan oil products that they use. It was a bit like Lady Gaga’s bad romance video . The staff were young and trendy and super friendly, but they didn’t push me for conversation – I hate having to talk to the hairdresser 2bh – so this was a big plus for me!

The actual treatment took about an hour and a half, but it can take up to 3 hours depending on how curly your hair is. They start by washing your hair with what smells like banana shampoo around 3 times, then they blowdry your hair straight and then they paint your hair section by section with the black treatment lotion that also smells like banana. They comb this through with a fine tooth comb, then blowdry again with the treatment still in your hair. This trains the hair into its new straight shape. Then they go over it with a GHD to seal in the treatment and reinforce the straight shape. They then wash out the treatment with QOD silicon shampoo (no bananas, wehey!) and blowdry the hair straight then your good to go – phew – I was wrecked! They then gave me a complimentary goodie bag with QOD shampoo and conditioner, which was an unexpected bonus.

I was unfortunate enough to then get caught in a downpour straight after I stepped out of the salon, so I got the opportunity to test whether it actually worked, straight away. I gave it a go under the hairdryer with a barrel brush and….it wasn’t as great as I was hoping! It was much smoother and silkier, and took me just afu minutes to dry, but the volume was still there and it was wavy now rather that straight. Though in fairness it would only take 10 minutes with the GHD to get it poker straight because it was now so smooth and silky.

I also noticed that for about a week after, my hair smelled like bananas, which beats the bleach smell you get from the 12week blowdry, but bananas aren’t exactly a nice smell either. The hairdresser told me I might have a residue from the treatment for afu days, but luckily this didn’t happen to me.
Overall not bad, but I don’t think I’ll be rushing back to get it done again. It only works if you blowdry your hair, and doesn’t protect against sudden downpour frizz which is a major hazard to your hair if you live in drizzly Ireland. It’s more of a morning timesaver really, rather than a permanent straightening solution.
Here’s my hair before and after:
phone pictures 126


9 thoughts on “Review of Organic 16 Week Blowdry by The Art Team at Elite Hair Salon Lemon Street

  1. have you noticed any damage in your hair in the months after having this done, i want to get it just so i can improve the condition of my hair

  2. Hi Lou, thanks for the great review. I’m just wondering if you’ve tried any other 12/16 week blowdries since you got the organic one done? I’m trying to decide whether to go for the organic one or just bite the bullet and go straight for the 12 week (chemical) blowdry if the organic blowdry isn’t as effective?? My hair is very similar to yours in your original pic above. Many thanks 🙂

    • No I haven’t had any since, it just wasn’t as effective as the 12 week that I had before. The 16 week one just cant compete. Bad news though is that the chemical 12 week blowdry has been banned in Ireland, because apparently it contains huge levels of formaldehyde that can cause lung cancer for hairdressers if they are exposed to it daily, and can burn the customers eyes….eeek!

      But fear not, if you really really want straight hair, there I also the option of YUKU hair straightening. Which is a Japanese method of permanent chemical straightening. But its 100% permanent, so it cannot be curled to matter how hard you try, and it cant be reversed if you don’t like it, you just have to wait for it to grow out (kinda like hair dye). Also its quite expensive at €600 and takes about 6-7 hours to do, so its a big investment.

      Im gonna blog about it in more detail next week, so I’ll be able to tell everyone way more about it then 🙂

  3. Hi there. Just stumbled on this chat. The Art Team have a new improved 16 week organic BD, It’s fab. I haven’t used my GHD in ages, maybe towards the end of last treatment! I still have to use a hairdryer, but it takes 10 mins instead of 40mins then GHD!!! Total God send.

  4. Hi i tried that in allure salon dundrum .i was there 50mins and ive reall frizzy hair.i couldnt believe i was finished so quick and embarrasing i smelt terrible..i tried noel higgings blackrock kerathery similar to art treatment i was there near 3hours .but well worth it.happy lasted approx 15weeks.

  5. I had my first 16 week blow dry in March with the Art Team, also had a cut. It was fantastic, I returned for my second 16 week blow dry, however it has not been the same result as the 1st one I have about 3 kinks on the top of my head, so Im not sure it works all the time. I do note that the second time round seemed much shorter than the 1st time. Really disappointed this time.

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