Mac False lashes Extreme Black

2013-02-06 14.25.04IMG_20130206_142827

I love this baby! And I’m hard to please when it comes to mascara! It’s one of the few types of mascara that can actually match up to their advertising claims! It’s also very pretty packaging, with a handle similar to Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion. It’s an inky jet black, clump free mascara that gives that fanned-out long skinny lashes look of false lashes, which is great, because then you can avoid that droopy eye’d look of heavy fake lashes, and can smugly say “Oh, no, mine are real” 😉 A quick curl with my Shu Uemura eyelash curler and two coats of this and you have eyelashes that actually do look like your wearing false lashes and most awe inducing of all, look like the models lashes in the advertising. Quite an achievement on my stubby, short, little lashes!

It’s also really easy to use. Usually when I buy mascara I have to give it a week to dry out a little so it can actually adhere to my lashes – not so with this, because of its mouse like formula. Most mascaras are more like acrylic paint their first week of use.
Word of warning though! It you have watery, permanently leaky sort of eyes, or if you the crying at the x-factor type, then this mascara will be a major hazard to you – like you wouldn’t believe!. I’m the latter, my eyes water when cold wind blows at me, they water when I sit next to a radiator, they water when I lie down, they water when I put makeup on …my eyes just love to water! But even the tinniest hint on this seems to have the stuff rolling down your face like you’re crying black ink! So you need to be very vigilant when wearing this! In fact, even drizzle will melt the tips of this mascara leaving you with what I call “tyre marks” underneath your eyebrows.

Overall I was impressed with this mascara. It’s one of the few who’s advertising matches the at home result, and one of the few that you can use straight away due to its mouse like formula. You have to be vigilant wearing it, but if your neither a crier or watery eye’d, like me then this could be close to the perfect mascara


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