Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine ’s Day everyone! I love Valentine’s Day! I can’t help it, I’m just a hopeless romantic! It doesn’t matter whether you’re loved up, free and single, or throwing darts at pictures of happy couples/ your boyfriend, as you listen to Adele with your cat, Squeezielou has something for you this Valentines day.

valentines 6
love potion jumper Wildfoxcouture.com $179

£300 Stella Mccartney at Harrods

valentines 2
Tres love tee $78 Wildfoxcouture.com

valentines 10
Moet “Declare youre love” gift pack Moet.com

valentines 3
I love my cat Tee $88 Wildfoxcouture.com

valentine 9
“Unwrap the gift” thong £10 AnnSummers.co.uk

valentines 11
Novelty Voodoo Doll £10 Ebay.com

valentines 5
Lets make out Jumper $198 Wilkdfoxcouture.com

valentines 8
Criss-Cross Knicker £10 AnnSummers.co.uk

valentines 4
Black Sparkle Heart $100 Wildfoxcouture.com

valentines 7
“Look into my thighs” knicker £10 AnnSummers.com


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