Who’s that girl? Cara Delavigne


Cara-Delevingne-7SONY DSC


Cara Delavigne, Britain’s newest supermodel, is quickly becoming known as the next Kate Moss. Such praise is rarely given to a model. Fashion week is teeming with models who would kill to be the girl of the moment. And some do, for a season or so, and then disappear. Not Cara, for the past two years, she has been steadily rising to Supermodel status – a prestige reserved to just a handful of models – and is set to be a fashion icon the likes of which has not been seen since Kate Moss in the 90’s – they were even discovered by the same modelling agent who considers Cara a protégé.

She is also a favourite of the tabloids. This is due to friendships with celebrities such as Rita Ora, fellow model Georgia May Jaggger, and superstar Rihanna. She’s also had brief dalliances with One Direction heart-throb Harry Styles.
Not content with just modelling, she’s also dipped her toe into the Hollywood sea, with a role alongside Kiara Knightly in period drama Anna Karenina in 2012.

Jaysus! So what’s all the fuss about? Well, apart from possessing the fashionable features of the moment: big HD brows, high cheekbones, a snub nose. When discussing the 20 year old model, named 2012’s “model of the year” by the British fashion council awards (kind of like the Oscars, but for fashion) it’s her imperfections, as well as her natural kookiness, that make her so effortlessly chic. . editor of British Vogue Alexandra Shulman hails her as thus “Cara is one of those girls who combine energy, wit, enthusiasm and the kind of edgy beauty that marks her out from the general pool of beautiful models.”

In an industry rife with insecure and neurotic personalities, Delavigne is a refreshing energetic antithesis. Someone in possession of that rare and endearing quality seldom seen in the modelling industry (or heck, the real world) …not taking oneself too seriously! One minute she’s strutting down the runway of some of fashion’s biggest names like Chanel, or Dolce and Gabbana, with fashions much loved moody glare looking the epitome of chic, the next she’s backstage tweeting a picture of herself in a hotdog onsie! She describes herself via her Twitter account as “Prefessional human being : I also love eyebrows and playing the drums.

It would be so easy to be jello of the svelt supermodel, given she has had such a meteoric rise to fame, and seems to have had all the right connections: her best friends mom is the head agent at Select models, and she grow up in a mansion in Belgravia London, the daughter of a millionaire property tycoon and a society girl mum, who also wowed the town with her beauty back in the day. But all was not rosey. Throughout her childhood, Cara’s mother spent long stints in in-patient care, batteling with bi-polar disorder, a serious mental illness that involves periods of both depression and manic highs. And the supermodel has not escaped its embrace either, having suffered from depression herself, at age 17, due to exam stress (little did she know the modeling career that awaited her) But typical of her upbeat personality, she takes all of this in her stride, which speaks of the quiet strength behind her youthful beauty…this is what everyone has been talking about.

Personaly though I think you have to see someone in person for you to really get a feel for them, so here’s the next best thing: a link to a video interview of her… Until next time!


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