Essence Nude Glam nailpolish review



I said I would never go back to an essence polish ever again. I practically sang “we are never-ever-ever getting back together” after my last two flings with essence polish! Read about it here But, when I was sent Essence “Nude Glam” polish with its incredible bang on trend colour for a mere 1:89 price-tag, it seduced me once more, thinking the old cliché…..”it’s changed”…. “It’ll be different this time”…
“It’ll never last” my friends said, “it’ll just break up and be in pieces like last time” my friends said….

They were right! It looked great, and went on really well, for say the first 3 hours. But, do anything with your hands and this stuff begins to chip! And by the next day it’s in tatters! Like it had been on for weeks! Two of them peeled clean off like they were kid’s stickers. Just like last time!! …. “I knew you were trouble when you walked in- shame on me now”!!


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