CHANEL SS 13 Haute Couture show

The spring summer 13 shows (production/ theatre wise) haven’t been all that great. What can I say, we were spoiled last season! And the fashion world rarely spoils you twice….(girl can dream though) But this is the one that stood out head and shoulders above the rest – yes, even Louis Vuitton – usually the most anticipated show of fashion week, this year, an anti-climax.

Lagerfeld is winning back my love these days! Up until recently, I was beginning to think he was becoming so-so and couldn’t top his AW 10 show. But then he did his 2013 Metiers de art show…and well…all was forgiven! But then after that, the seeds of doubt were germinating in my mind…what if he isn’t any good after this?!?

I needn’t have worried, he’s clearly a phoenix from the (well you’d hardly call the past three years ashes but..) ashes! Here’s links to the full show, the backstage footage, and an official interview with the man himself!

Until next time!….which could be another week, cos I have to study for exams! All this “Im going to the library” jazz feels like cheating on fashion. Coming home and looking Vogue and NYLON in the pages after a day spent thumbing through law books!…Dunno how I live with myself!!


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